Rotary oven

2019-04-09 823

technical parameter

Total Power of Productivity Power Supply

36 basins/furnaces AC380V 3.5KW (fuel type)/50KW (electrothermal type)

Machine Weight Size (Length * Width * Height)

750KG 2400*1520*2200mm

WX-2005 Rotary Baking Fuel, Gas and Electric Heating Equipment, Hot Air Circulating Baking, widely used in baking cake, bread, moon cakes and other foods, can also be used for roast chicken and duck, meat food, with movable roasting car, and use blast to force hot air circulation, improve heat transfer effect, shorten heating time, make heating time more uniform, in hot air. Outside air volume adjustment and heating device make baked food uniform in color and taste, especially suitable for biscuits, cookies, bread and so on.