What are the characteristics of egg roll machine

2019-03-23 1001

1) The products produced are crisp and delicious with even color.

2) Automatic adjustment of heating temperature;

3) The cutting quantity can be adjusted and the scheduling is simple.

4) Can replace the size of roll rod at will according to customer's requirements, and automatically cut the required length of roll according to customer's needs.

5) All frames are welded with stainless steel square pipes, which will not rust and is easy to clean.

6) All the contact parts (except the decocting plate) with raw materials are made of stainless steel and food grade silicone rubber.

7) Equipment production efficiency is high, and occupies a small area, can be arranged in parallel to the production line, facilitate large-scale production;

8) The equipment is stable, all the main components are imported components to reduce the incidence of shortcomings;

9) It can greatly reduce the worker's workload, reduce the requirement of skill proficiency for the operator, and teach the operator to be easy to operate.